Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And because I'm always listening for dialogue-

I have been "collecting" favorite Olympic commentary lines. Two I've adored so far, both about gymnastics and both by whoever's doing the color commentary during prime time coverage:

1. Re: the American girls team getting ready to perform: "They must feel like they're waiting for Godot." Really? Seriously? Cause that would mean, uh, they're never going to compete, wouldn't it? Plus, isn't this a sort of rareified reference for broadcast television?

2. Re: One of the Chinese gymnasts - the 20 year old, I think: "She's another one who was taken from her home and family.... Not kicking or screaming or anything." Heh!

3. Re: gymnastics scores: "9.5 isn't what it used to be." Oh? Did it like used to be 9.8 but inflation got to it?

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

I heard that one about "kicking and screaming", too. Should they really be joking about the lack of agency Chinese athletes (heck, all Chinese citizens) have to determine their lives? Does the politburo control the american press, too?

I really feel sorry for those little (definately not 16-year-old) girls. What kind of life have they had? Punishing gymnastics training since they were three years old. No family, no birthdays, no days off, no school.
What happens to them when they really are 20 years old and can't compete anymore?

Okay -- I didn't mean for this post to be a complete downer. I LOVE watching the games and will be glued to the TV, discussing the finer points of sports I never knew existed for days to come.


Joy said...

Plus Michael Phelps in his half pulled down Razorback suit showing off those obliques- life simply can't get too much better. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

ITA - The men's swim team is delicious.