Sunday, August 10, 2008


Reading the current issue of Time, and I just learned the following (besides the fact that James Poznewiak (sp?) spent a page justifying his love of The Hills with intellectual hoo ha - just say it's a guilty pleasure James. Seriously. No need to refer to Spencer Pratt as Laddie Macbeth, although it was cunningly clever of you): Robert Frost was never our Poet Laureate. Seriously? Color me surprised. This was one of those things I always - until yesterday - believed was absolutely true. And now - well - it's not. Like when I found out I'd spent years pronouncing forte wrong. I was saying fortay - as in - Math is just not my forte. But no, no. It's just forte as in fort. As in I built one. Or oops it's being attacked. Which has never - even though I've made a personal effort to be correct - sounded as good so often I just slip back into my bad old ways just to be perverse.

Throwing it out to my dear readers. What have you learned that completely turns upside down knowledge you've held dear and now discover is just a bunch of hooey?

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