Wednesday, August 27, 2008

back to block

Ah the luxury of the block schedule. Okay, it's not so luxurious. But compared to the Bataan Death march of a seven period day with me teaching six packed classes back to back to back and having to leave my room during my conference period because someone else was using it for a freshman communication class and leaving it hot and smelly and dirty each and every day, it is heaven. Heaven I'm telling you. Okay, the part where too many of us have 32-36 kids in each class (remember we each teach 6 classes... of English...) is a bit much. But the logistics of the rest of it - not bad. As I've posted previously, agent and editor seem to feel I'm a quick, tireless worker. But that's because I'm used to a work schedule that doesn't usually even give me time to pee and where if I do, I'm already behind on grading. So yeah, I'm deadline girl. Of course.

Speaking of agent - she's right. She's always right. Told me that the beginning of Sweet Dreams, my WIP needed a little something. Well, I found it. Shoved that conflict up front and center into sentence one and there ya go. Makes all the difference in the world. Wish I could show you. But unlike all my Teaser Tuesday pals, I just like to keep things to myself - and my critique group - until there's really something to tell. As in a finished book that's sold. Guess I'm just superstitious that way. Anyone else feel like that? Or do you just tell all and not worry? To create a Carrie Bradshaw moment - In the world of blogging, how much is too much?

Til next time...

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