Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Embracing the changes

Patience and the love of change. Two things I endlessly lack. You'd think I'd have learned... cause I'm certainly getting enough experience.

As many of you know, there was a real shakeup at ABLA when my fantabulous agent of two years, Michelle Andelman, decided to move to a career as a book scout. When you're with an agent for two years, people, it's honestly like being married. You know each other's quirks, likes, dislikes, work habits, patterns. This is the person who negotiated my first contract, who sold my first book... it's joined at the hip time - until suddenly it's not. And all of sudden you're feeling like you did in college when you had that bad breakup just after Valentine's Day with the rebound boyfriend... But I am delighted to say, that as the dust lifted, I am now partnered with the delightful, passionate, and absolutely smart as a whip Jennifer Rofe. And - as was to be expected - back in the revision cave for one more set of fixes on the project that has been the love of my life for awhile now. (and Jen, if you read your client's blogs, I think I know how to get 'er done!)

Now if only someone could figure out how to solve our country's financial woes, assure me that we're going to elect the right people, and help me figure out why The Hills' Audrina took off her top in the pool for Justin Bobby...
Til next time...

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