Sunday, October 5, 2008

Something for Sunday

Lots of somethings, actually. In no particular order:
  • If you are here in Houston, go, go, go to see the new musical Unbeatable, which is a: about a woman fighting stage three breast cancer and b: absolutely fantastic. This is the first play in Stages 08-09 season, to which husband and I are subscribers. Stages is an amazing reperatory theater and while I also love and support The Alley, Stages is a smaller, more intimate venue and takes more risks in their offerings. Ike (stupid #@%& hurricane!) caused some serious damage to Stages facility so last night's performance was at the smaller theater in the Hobby Center. And because yesterday was also Race for the Cure, the audience was filled with cancer survivors and those who support them. Next week, the show moves back home to its own stage. Like I said, GO! You will laugh and cry and sing along. And if that's not enough, the actress who plays Tracy's mom, Janet Carroll, also played Tom Cruise's mom in Risky Business. Okay, maybe that's not a pull for you. But it was cool for me.
  • I am now on Facebook. Go ahead. Friend me. Even my own son did. Thanks to Kim O for a little shove on finally setting up my page.
  • Episode two tonight of Amazing Race. According to my inside sources, things get more exciting for Andrew and Dan.
  • Reading The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman. Wowza! Woman believes she can wish people dead... then she gets hit by lightning - and survives. But nothing is going to be the same. It is a phenomenal read.
  • Waiting on all publishing issues. Waiting for line edits. Waiting for the moment we'll send my next "baby" out on submission. Waiting to get my cd of my professional photos. (they're pretty darn good, actually, considering what they had to work with, which is, well, me).
  • Waiting for FEMA to pick up the enormous piles of storm debris (trees, branches, whatever) that are everywhere. And by enormous, I mean f-ing huge. And by everywhere, I mean everywhere. Every. Where. Our bags o' crap were taken away on Friday! Yay!!! But the piles of limbs lay (lie?) rotting away. Oh Ike, you were one mean, mean guy.
  • Still mulling over the VP debates. This election is nothing if not fascinating.
  • Still mulling over the Bailout. People, did you all learn nothing from Enron? What's that I hear? Crickets? Birds chirping?

Til next time...

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