Sunday, October 26, 2008

Going to the fair and other AZ adventures

Just got back from our trip to AZ to see the prodigal son, hang out and generally have a rollicking wonderful time. I middle seated it both going and coming home which is not my favorite, but husband likes window and I don't want to be anti social, so... but you know if I hadn't been the middle, I might not have chatted with the guy next to me Thursday nite who was having a rather loud conversation with a reporter on his cell, which he ended to ease himself out of his aisle seat (okay, he was, while nice, not the smallest fellow on the planet) and comment to me re: reporter on phone - "Doesn't she realize she's speaking to a leader of a nation." So what do you say to that? Hi, this is my husband Winston Churchill and I'm Queen Elizabeth? Turns out though, that I guess he is - of a Native American tribe in Michigan. Huh...

Beyond that, we ate, drank and were very merry the entire weekend. Piano bar on Friday nite, some serious shopping and hanging out on Friday day. Great breakfasts out which I love. Visits with the kid, his girlfriend and even her family who were in for the weekend as well. We all watched ASU get routed by the Oregon Ducks but had a blast none the less. Hit the bars some. Got some face time with the adorable Andrew and Dan and tried to pry Amazing Race info out of them. Nope. Not telling! But they are still friends so obviously whatever the outcome it did not change that! And spent an afternoon at the AZ State Fair amidst more fried food than is humanly possible, puke it up rides galore, side shows like the largest alligator in the world (sad gator in a shallow pool of water that you pay an extra buck to see...), free SPAM samples from the SPAM Mobile - "You can have as much as you want." Me: "Oh goodie." Watched the pack llama competition (Rick the llama won; we yelled for him; not sure if that's the proper llama deocrum but rowdied it up for Rick, especially when he had to do the llama limbo...) watched sheep shearing, spinning wheel demos, pigeon competitions and my ultimate moment of ick when one poor guy's arm was wrenched in two (picture what happens when you pull the drumstick off a turkey and you've the mental image needed) during the Arm Wrestling Championships. I screamed. Loudly. It will live with me forever.

Til next time...

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