Sunday, March 14, 2010

If it's Sunday it must be time for pictures

So here's the thing about taking pictures. It works better if you upload them from your Canon elph and actually share them with people. So today I present a little photo essay update of the past month or so. (with apologies to anyone to whom I blithely said, "Hey, I blog. Can I take your picture?")
Me and the delightful Kathy Whitehead (Art from the Heart) at Houston SCBWI in Feb.
More Houston SCBWI - me w/Varsha Bajaj (How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight) & my buddy Janet Fox (Faithful - coming in May from Puffin)
The dapper and fab Varian Johnson and his wonder agent Sara Crowe (also at SCBWI Houston)

My critique pal Suzanne Bazemore has her first book out - Soccer - from Capstone w/Sports Illustrated. Very cool, Suz.

And do you know that a couple of weeks ago it snowed -for the 3rd time in one winter - in Houston? (if you live in NYC or Chicago, don't laugh; we were excited)

Yesterday I discovered that Cindy at my local Borders had made Dreaming Anastasia a Staff Pick
And there it is in a full shelf shot

Til next time...


Vonna said...

How great to see your book as a staff pick!

Janet Fox said...

Hooray for the staff pick! Fun to see the photos, too. Hugs -