Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Stuff

In no particular order:
  • It's warm outside. At last!
  • I'm getting very excited about NYC and Books of Wonder on 3/18.
  • I think you are all going to LOVE Haunted!! Here's hoping Editor Dan thinks so, too.
  • In school news - Julius Caesar still didn't listen to his wife or the omens. Still died in Act 3. Plus Brutus. Still a dunderhead.
  • Spending time writing copious notes labeled "What does this character really really want?" helps. A lot.
  • And did I say it's warm outside? And it's one week til spring break?
  • Plus my new drop waist denim dress from Gap? Loving it.
  • Okay, much work to do.
  • Thanks, btw, to Laura and Lisa Roecker for a great Dreaming Anastasia giveaway this week. They are my Sourcebooks housemates (book debuting in 2011) and I get to meet them in NYC!! :)
  • And a shout out to Jennifer Rofe - the bestest agent ever. She is one hard worker, that Jen. And that is why I spoil her shamelessly.

Til next time...

1 comment:

Lisa and Laura said...

Aw, thanks for the shout out, Joy!!! And we can't wait to meet you in NYC too. It's going to be such a fun trip!