Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And the Wolfy Swag Winners are

Thanks to everyone who participated in the "Who's your Favorite Werewolf" contest in honor of the release of Judith Grave's debut YA, Under My Skin! Lots of werewolf love going out to Shiver's Sam, with some mention of a couple of old favorites like Buffy's Oz and Michael J Fox as Teen Wolf from the classic and kitschy (who doesn't love some good kitsch?) movie of the same name. And my pal Beth gave a great shout out to the uber cool not quite a wolf but definitely a shape shifter Sam Merlotte, from True Blood. Gotta love that dog boy, don't ya, Beth?

Anyway, tossed the contestants in the magic sorting, um, contest hat. Shook it up real good. And the winners are:

Jessica Kennedy - for her choice and explanation of Derek from Kelly Armstrong's The Reckoning series. Jess - you win the UMS choker set! Whoot! Or rather - howl!

Caitlin - for her choice (a popular one) of Sam from Shiver by my fellow ABLA girl, Maggie Steifavater. Caitlin thinks Sam is sweet and she loves the way he interacts with Grace. Well, me too, Caitlin. Interacts is such a good general term for all the angsty werewolf nookie, drama and trauma going on in Shiver. Caitlin wins the set of UMS character cards! Wahoo!!

Speaking of which, boy oh boy! Do you know that people have been asking to buy my obviously coveted ARC of Linger?! Crazy stuff going on out there. And they say people aren't reading. Obviously, they are wrong.

But back to the winners: Jessica and Caitlin - please email me at and let me know where Judith should mail your prizes! Who knows, she may throw in some extra swaggy goodness while she's at it. Did you hear that, Judith?

Congrats! Thanks for playing.
Coming soon - my review of JT Dutton's fabulous upcoming Stranded. And possibly an interview. Gotta see if she has the time to let me chat her up.

Til next time...


Jessica Kennedy said...

Thanks Joy for the giveaway and of course to Judith! :) Looking forward to the swag and I hope to read UMS soon!

Judith Graves said...

Congrats, Jessica and Caitlin! I'll send you your goodies asap. ;)

Thanks again to the lovely Joy for being such a cool mentor and all around fabulous lady...and she's beautiful...and so talented....and if money won't do it, will gushing get me that copy of Linger?

(teehee - but it's all true!)