Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodbye August -- Hello September

Summer has been brutal here in Texas. It has been between 95 and 107 since May here in Houston. Worse in Austin and Dallas. A few weeks ago we were at the Rangers game in Dallas and it was still 103 degrees at 10PM. That is HOT. We're on mandatory water restrictions. And it just won't rain... although they say some is coming this weekend. Last Wednesday night, we actually got a brief storm while I was at critique group at the library. No joke - everyone rushed to the windows and cheered when it started to pour.

So I'm happy to see September roll in. September brings everything I love - fall (less thrilling here in Houston than in Chicago where I grew up, but...), high school football, cooler weather, new clothes in the stores, Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday, a new tv season (Vampire Diaries looks very promising, as do a number of other fantasy shows including Grimm)... and yes, the pumpkin spice lattes at Sbux.

Publishing revs up again after Labor Day, so that's fun, too. Actually, pretty much everyone I work with has been at their desks lately, but there will be a little break here starting tomorrow until Tuesday, I'd imagine. And then - bam!

I'll be telling you what I've been working on! I'll be doing edits for Again and Again (Dreaming Anastasia 3). I'll be pitching some new projects. *crosses fingers*

And Comic Con!!! In November, I'm headed to Austin Comic Con with PJ Hoover, Jessica Lee Anderson, Tracy Wolff, Kari Anne Roy, Jason Henderson, Mari Mancusi and Madeline Smoot. We are the Writing Ninjas of Texas. We have a booth! We will be meeting and greeting and selling books and merchandise and an e-sampler of our collective work. And I will be wearing my rusalka costume! A rusalka is a malevolent Russian mermaid and a particular rusalka plays a crucial role in HAUNTED (out now) and in AGAIN and AGAIN (out next year)

Plus October brings the Crossroads Blog Tour 2! More on that soon.

Fall will also see the introduction of our new Houston YA writers collective, the YAHOU's!! You can already follow us on Twitter ( @YAHous) and our FB page will be up soon. All I'll say in this post, but I am just thrilled about our group, and I'll be posting more about it soon.

What are you looking forward to this fall? Comment and let me know!


cwexy said...

I'm looking forward to the devastation of liquidation being over, so I can recuperate from that mess and think about what I want to be next.

What will that be? Who knows - all I know is it won't start until January, because I need fall to get over it all!

Morgyn McCarty said...

its been freaking hot in conroe too! imagine 114 degrees while sitting 2 hrs in a tin can bus with out ac . . . ugh and starts all over again on tuesday :'( i just want winter to roll around.
and i think its awesome that u live in texas too, Joy.

Joy Preble said...

Was in Borders yesterday, Cindy, 'rescuing' books. Made me so sad. Just know that you are amazing and did an amazing job at that store.

And I'm sorry the bus had no ac Morgyn! It's a little cooler yesterday and today... but now all the Texas wildfires. so yes, winter! Where are you?