Monday, March 12, 2012

Fried What?

This is the Fried Cherry Koolaid that I ate at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Friday night. That is husband's hand holding it. We were like wet dogs right then because it was pouring rain and we were the only ones on the Carnival Midway at the Fried What? booth. But fried cherry koolaid? C'mon. You gotta try it. It's not that sweet and surprisingly yummy. Plus that's what you do at the rodeo - you eat ridiculous things that are not part of any actual food group. Fried or on a stick or both. Often in portions that would feed a small country, although the koolaid balls were a surprisingly modest size, dontcha think? (full disclosure, one is missing - I snarfed it while pulling my phone out of my pocket to take a pic)

After that it was the rodeo itself with bull riding and calf roping, and bucking broncs, and mutton busting (which is where they strap little kids to sheep and see how long they hang on. yes. we do this in Texas) and an opening parade with fireworks and a bareback rider and later Reba in concert and more fireworks and then we slogged through the rain to our car.

Plus many shopping booths with cowgirl bling.

Cause you know. It's Texas.
This is what we do, y'all.


Dotti said...

I'm baffled. How do you fry Koolaid?

Joy Preble said...

I think it's just in the batter!

Kristin Rae said...

I was wondering the same thing as Dotti. But that makes sense. lol. I tried a fried Oreo a couple years ago. That creme center was like molten lava but the cookie was still hard. Not that good.

So they did mutton busting this year?!

Emily said...

Wow. After that, I believe you could fry anything.

Jamie D said...

Two things...
1. I love the word snarf.
2. As for fried food, our job is not to ask questions on "how" it works. Our job is only to snarf it! :)