Monday, March 19, 2012

It was a Crawfish weekend

Went for crawfish this weekend. If you live here in Texas it's what you do during the 'season.' These are from Willie's Icehouse in case you need to know that kind of thing. Crawfish, potatoes, sausage, corn (although we'd eaten the corn by the time I snapped this pic) and beer to wash it all down. Preferably something local like my St. Arnold's Amber, although it doesn't really matter. For the uninitiated, crawfish look like tiny little lobsters. Just to understand their pedigree, please note that they are also referred to by some as 'mudbugs' and that my first experience with them when we moved here from Chicago is that I saw some in our ditch after it rained a bunch. But the ones you eat are generally 'farmed' in Louisiana. Someone boils them up with spicy seasoning, not unlike a crab boil and you snap off the head, pull the meat out of the tail and if you're not me, you suck the gunk out of the head.

Honestly? Heaven!

Big blog doings the rest of the week: tomorrow is my mutual interview with Judith Graves about her new Second Skin. Click on the Second Skin banner on the side of the blog for more info.

And Wednesday, I'll be posting my teaser for the YA Scavenger Hunt coming up at the end of the month. 60 authors! HUGE PRIZES!! Lots of fun. I am very very excited.

And the countdown is on to the arrival of my uber agent Jen Rofe, who is speaking at our local SCBWI conference. If you haven't signed up, I think there's still a little room. I'm especially excited about this conference because it's the first time I'm on faculty doing critiques.

And now I'm going to back to hide in the writing cave and finish draft two of a book I am in love with. It's romantic and it's funny and I think you're all going to love it someday.

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