Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Writing Life

The writing life gets to you sometimes. Cause really - although it may seem a romantic way to earn a living (or a piece of a living) it's really you, sitting at the laptop for hours on end making up stuff that sometimes works and sometimes gets sent back to you by your agent/editor/beta reader/critique partner/random person in line at Target with the basic commentary that it sucks and so do you and maybe you better get that application filled out for Walmart greeter. (not that that is a bad thing)

You learn to be heartened by the tiniest bit of good news. (My editor answered my email!) And you dash about the house thinking ah, they love me. It will be okay. And then, even though you swear you're above it, you stumble on a mediocre review or someone else gets a Newbery (even though you don't write middle grade and thus will never get the Newbery) and you think crap! What am I doing? I'm a poser, a fake. What was I thinking? And then you get a really good piece of news, but it has to remain secret for awhile and so you walk around thinking crap, I'd like to tell this really good piece of news so no one thinks I'm a loser who will never win the Newbery. Often these things all happen in the same day and sometimes in the same hour so that while you're writing and trying not to suck at it you're riding the writer life roller coaster and you forgot to take your Dramamine.

Or in the words of my Sourcebooks housemate, the witty and droll Geoff Herbach, "And then, for no apparent reason, things got better! And then worse! And then better!" Which pretty much covers it, wouldn't you say?

So the short of it is, it's best to let it all go and enjoy the ride. When you do, you realize that mostly, it's good stuff. Really. Or as we say in our house since I have spent a lot of years on public education where you learn to laugh at pretty much anything, "It's a good day when no one spits on you." (Cause in public education this can sometimes happen)

But to end on an upbeat, here's some good stuff:
  • The above picture of PJ (Tricia) Hoover, me, and blogger/librarian Jen Bigheart at Greg Leitich Smith's release party for Chronal Engine this past weekend. Celebrating a new book is always the best!

  • The book I'm writing and trying to finish this week. I love it. I really do. It's funny and very romantic. And it has kissing.

  • Although I can't show it to you yet, Soho Press has created the best cover ever for THE SWEET DEAD LIFE which is coming out in May 2013. This is wondrous, people! Wait until you see it.

  • Sourcebooks is having me sign advanced reading copies of ANASTASIA FOREVER at TLA in April! I am so stinkin' excited about this that you have no idea!! Thursday 4/19 from 2-3. If you want to find out what happens before everyone else, come to the show!

  • My agent Jen Rofe is going to be here on Friday for Houston SCBWI! And I am very excited about her welcome gifts. All of which have a cowgirl theme. Cause, um, Texas!
So what's up and down with all of you, dear readers?


Janet Gurtler said...

Geoff is full of good advice. And other stuff too. :)

Great post. So much truth.

And I really LOVE your trailer.

And can't wait to meet you IN PERSON at TLA.

Joy Preble said...

Ahhhhh!!! That's wonderful! I knew Geoff was coming but this is a super surprise! Yay!

Cari said...

Fun! I can't wait to see the cover for THE SWEET DEAD LIFE! I love Geoff and can't wait to see him again at TLA!

PJ Hoover said...

I love the picture of us! We look definitely on the upswing of the ride!
I marked your signing on my all-important-things calendar! Yay, Anastasia!

Jessica Capelle said...

Great post Joy! Looking forward to your cover reveal and seeing you at the SCBWI Conference and TLA!

Emily said...

Lovely post. Writing is such a roller coaster. I have yet to worry about agents and editors, but I do have moments of panic, wondering if someone's going to figure out I'm some kind of fake.

Can't wait for your secret news.

I am finishing revisions (this week) for my NaNo and am going to query *gasp* In the meantime and going back for a re-write of my Sci-fi (the one you are familiar with)

It's nice to have plans and check off lists.

Kristin Rae said...

Great picture! And I can't wait to see this new cover!!!