Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Stuff

In not exactly random order:

Me and the 'best son ever' - at ALA MW in Dallas
1. Today is Jacob Preble's birthday-- best son ever (yes he's our only one, don't worry)--who is endlessly funny and brave and sarcastic and loyal and pretty darn smart too. Yeah, I'm his mother. I can say stuff like that. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Award for the best politician name ever -- a name so wonderful I wish I wrote it-- goes to Shadrach McGill, whose wife was all over the 'nets yesterday telling strippers to stop sending pictures to her husband on Facebook. 

3. I've been noticing news headlines the past few days that just blow me away-- and not in a good way: This morning's Yahoo headline: Why Do Finnish Babies Sleep in Boxes? ( I know there's actually an interesting story under there, but STILL)
And a couple days ago our local Houston CBS affiliate announced a girl's fight to wear pants under her graduation gown rather than the school required dress as "Lesbian Wants to Wear Pants." Seriously, CBS? This is what that story boils down to for you?

If you have any you like, please shout them out, people.

4. So excited to see Sarah Dessen tonight through Blue Willow Bookshop! She is my LITERARY IDOL!! I have read all her books. And somehow never been to one of her events. Tonight!!

5. And totally THRILLED for this coming Saturday's Houston launch of THE SWEET DEAD LIFE (Soho Press) at Blue Willow Bookshop on Memorial at 2 PM. There will be cookies! And cowboy boot coozies! And angel trivia. And me! And the lovely ladies at Blue Willow who as I have written about many times have helped build my career!!
And when you click on the link, you will see that my name is RIGHT UNDER SARAH DESSEN'S!!  This makes me ridiculously happy. *flails muppet arms*

Must write now. I am starting a NEW BOOK! Right this very second.

Up soon-- Dianne Salerni and her new book CAGED GRAVES!!

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Hannah J said...

NEW BOOK NEW BOOK OMG OMG OMG!!! *flails muppet arms*

Wow. If only you knew what I did today... Not as fun...

Happy Birthday Jacob Preble!