Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pardon Monsieur

So next year I have decided we are going to Paris. Possibly more of France as well, but at least I will see the real Eiffel Tower and not just this:
Which actually exists in real place called Paris, TX, but is NOT THE SAME as the real thing.

I have also seen this:
Which is atop the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It is ALSO NOT THE SAME as  the real thing.

In fact these two replicas so fascinate me that I've used them in a book I'm working on, but that is not the point right now.

The point is that I AM GOING TO FRANCE.

And yesterday, I got this:

Why Pimsleur and not Rosetta Stone? Two reasons: 1. It's a whole lot cheaper  2. David Sedaris seems to like it or at least find their language lessons drolly amusing.  Yeah, that's how I make decisions, folks. If Pimsleur is good enough for David Sedaris, it is good enough for me. Moi.

So far I can say: Pardon Monsieur and then go on to inquire if he understands French. Or if he understands English. Or if he is American. Or if he understands in general. That was pretty much lesson one. Pimsleur is a stickler for the correct accent. I don't have that yet, but I am hopeful. No written words. No dictionaries allowed. DO NOT take notes warned the tutor before lesson one began. Just listen and say and we'll get you through this. Soon you will be asking the waiter for your baguette like a native. And then there was some scientific stuff about how Pimsleur knows his stuff about how the brain learns language. Even a middle-aged brain that barely remembers her high school German other than the first three lines of Der Elf King and how to order in a restaurant and ask for the bathroom.

I think the dog is learning French, too. Oui.


Hannah J said...

J'adore Paris! C'est tres interessant. Et la tour Eiffel est magnifique :)

Joy Preble said...

hah! Pardon! I cannot say it it French yet, but I know you adore Paris. It is very interesting and the Tower of Eiffel is magnificent! Actually French seems to make a lot of sense. By the time Pimsleur and I get to lesson 16, my language skills will be magnifique!

Hannah J said...

That's the spirit! :)

McCourt said...

I have to laugh because I am listening to Pimsleur in my car too! But I am doing the Spanish set - because I live in Texas and am more likely to go to Paris, Texas than Paris, France in the near future. I'm excited for your future trip!

I am especially laughing because I am learning the same conversations in Spanish that you seem to be learning in French. All of that 'I understand' or 'I don't understand' - or my favorite - I'm not having a muy bien day because I don't understand. Let's hope there is some method to their madness.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't usually do this on the internet, but I saw your website while searching for some Paris images for my daughter. I too am from Paris........TX. Currently live in the DFW area. I don't even know how old this is, but I hope you enjoy(ed)your trip.