Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Stuff

Just drank a root beer float.
That is not the exact one I drank, but the inter webs provided a good facsimile.

I'm not fond of root beer most days, but something about summer and adding vanilla ice cream and there you have it -- a glass full of yum. I associate root beer with summer anyway. Growing up in Chicago, I lived walking distance from the lake, which meant walking distance from the beaches as well. In the summer they'd open up the refreshment stands and you could buy a paper cup of root beer, which always tasted better on the beach somehow. That strong taste and smell mixed with the aromas of Lake Michigan -- water and sand and suntan lotion and sometimes dead alewives, which were these fish that on occasion died in wanton abundance and washed up on the sand. Not a good smell, that. But summer anyway.

And cherries - they define summer for me, too.
Yes, I know you can buy them out of season from Chile, but I refuse. I want Michigan cherries or Washington cherries or wherever they're growing here, nearer to me. (This is a longer rant, but I will spare you)

What food/drink says summer to you?

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Hannah J said...

Watermelon! I never eat it until May at the absolute earliest. Also iced tea. And anything from Wendy's or IHOP, since summer is the only time of year I'm ever in the USA. One week and one day to go! :D