Monday, July 1, 2013

If it's July It Must Be the Soho Teen Spring 2014 Sampler

Happy July --which we are celebrating here because the heat wave broke. In Houston, this means it is only 93 this week, sinking to 90 and possibly even the high 80's. In July! Which is awesome. Saturday it was 107. Eek. Yes, I know Death Valley and Phoenix were hotter. And yes, I actually did hear more than one person say, "107! Well, at least it's not 120!"

But the postman braved the 107 (at least it's not 120!) heat on Saturday to deliver this to my mailbox!
The SOHO TEEN SAMPLER FOR SPRING 2014, from my lovely publisher, Soho Press!

In which are the first 30 pages or so of THE A WORD, the sequel to THE SWEET DEAD LIFE, plus five other totally cool book samples by very talented authors Amy Talkington, Kimberly Pauley, Marguax Froley (the sequel to Escape Theory), Joe Shine, and Adele Griffn.

It is one thing to write the book and look at the Word document. It is always another to SEE IT IN PRINT!  Even if it's not coming out til May 2014!

A giveaway is in order, I do believe, so stay tuned!

And tomorrow I will be hosting the delightful Lisa and Laura Roecker on the auspicious occasion of the publication day of THIS IS W.A.R, their new murder mystery/revenge tale from Soho Press!

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"At least it's not 120"