Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Will Work for Cake

So a year or so ago, a friend approached me to do an event for Literacy Volunteers of Montgomery County-- those wonderful folks who teach people to read and champion the independence that comes with that. The timing wasn't right then, but I said, you know, let me get back to you.

Somewhere from that small conversation, a large idea arose. What if our YA author collective -- the YAHous (YA HOUSTON), now grown to 13 members, all nationally published, all Houston-area based--presented a literary salon type evening? What if someone sold books and someone else provided snacks (originally I envisioned wine and cheese, because that's what I always envision…) and people came and bought stuff and the profits all went to the Literacy Volunteers.

Well, somehow, that's exactly what happened.

I figured when I asked 12 other authors to participate, that I'd end up with 5 or so. I ended up with 12! 12 authors with busy schedules and deadlines came out last Thursday night to read from their latest books! Perfect Blend Bakery, a local indie bakery, donated their space and stayed open late to serve cake and cookies and yummy coffee drinks. A local used book store, Good Books in the Woods, ordered our books and donated the profits. And people from all over crowded into this tiny, bright space to listen and buy and help support a great cause. Soho Press, my lovely publisher for the SWEET DEAD LIFE books, donated some gift baskets for the raffle. Other publishers and other authors also raffled off many lovely baskets of books and other goodies.

It was glorious!

And I do believe we'll be doing it again.

Thank you to authors Christie Craig (CC Hunter), Rachel Harris, Christina Mandelski, Crystal Allen, Lynne Kelly, Jenny Moss, Varsha Bajaj, Jennifer Mathieu, Sophie Jordan, Kristin Rae, and Dotti Enderle, who joined me for some crazy antics and lovely readings!

Here's what it looked like:

Thanks Soho Press for the Soho Teen gift basket

Sophie Jordan and CC Hunter, up to mischief

Sophie Jordan's forthcoming Uninvited 

Varsha Bajaj, Lynne Kelly, Crystal Allen, Christina Mandelski

Jenny Moss, Varsha Bajaj, Lynne Kelly, Crystal Allen

Christie Craig, Sophie Jordan, Dotti Enderle, Rachel Harris

And Kristin Rae (up front) with Jennifer Mathieu behind her

Christina Mandelski

That's blogger/writer HipMamaJen back there

Crystal Allen making us laugh

Jennifer Mathieu reading from her debut novel

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