Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ever have one of those days?

Okay, so I've had worse. But definitely it was one of those days. The kind where you're wondering by two in the afternoon if it's happy hour somewhere. Preferably here. Now.

The kind of day where the lawn service comes uncharacteristically early and in fine spirits. And sends a rock through your tempered glass storm door as the ginormous mower zooms by. And you walk by the front door and look out and think, huh? - the storm door looks kinda pocky and you open the door and an entire door of glass falls at your feet.

That kind of day.

So you call the insurance company only to discover that your policy no longer covers glass before the deductible.

And the glass place can't come out til tomorrow. Maybe.

And while you're sweeping and sweeping and kinda getting zen about the whole thing, the guys who were coming next week to trim all the trees decide that today would work better, so now there's an army of people cutting and branches are falling and sawdust is in your eyes as you're still sweeping glass pellets off the front porch. And your foyer. And the grass. And...

Well, you get the idea.

Not the worst day I've ever had. Probably not even in the top ten. I mean, errant rock or not, I still can afford the lawn guy. And the tree guys. At least until I replace the door. And right before everything went to hell in a hand basket I had gone for a pedicure. So that was awesome. Only now I had fresh toes and so I decided I would risk all the sweeping in flip flops since I didn't want to crap up the polish.

Oh vanity, thy name is Joy.

Til next time...


Kim said...

So, after all that, DID the pedicure hold up?

Joy said...

Yes indeedy. A blessing on the heads of the lovely staff of Nails of America.

Anonymous said...

Oy! What a day! Glad that you (and your toes) escaped injury.