Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Whoa! It's Wednesday

Yikes. One of those crazy weeks. So rather than focus on my current exhaustion, or how my mouth is still traumatized from "the incident with the temporary crown and a piece of super cement that simply wouldn't allow itself to be pried from my gums," let's play the glad game and focus on more happy thoughts.

::pause while I work some up::

1. Reading "Guyaholic" by Carolyn Mackler and loving it. Feels searingly honest. Recommend it highly. It's the sequel to her Vegan Virgin Valentine, I do believe.
2. Also reading "Eclipse," the third in Stephenie Meyer's vampire trilogy. Not as fast of a read for me as I'd like for some reason. (possibly the above mentioned exhaustion) But I'm fascinated to see how she ends the Bella/Edward story. One of my colleagues loves the books so much she made up an "I heart Edward Cullen" t shirt.
3. Caught the last ep. of the Scott Baio show I've been nattering about. Won't give it away if anyone plans on still catching it on the VH1 rounds, but I have to say I was delighted that the very end actually surprised me. Surely a good thing for a VH1 show. (not that I'm judging, cause, hey, I watched the darn thing!)
4. Even though I cancelled my Vogue subscription because I simply don't have time to read it (which sounds ridiculous since it is mostly ads, but humor me, please), I still just opened my mailbox yesterday and found the fall edition stuffed inside. 840 pages of Voguey goodness. At my current pace, this should last me all fall. Yippeee!

Til next time...

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