Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday thoughts

Don't normally post on Sunday. But school starts tomorrow and I'm antsy so this blog seemed a good place to release some of that energy. (already did the amazing and washed the kitchen floor - something I normally ignore til I can't, but still have buckets of jitters to work off) Ooh- buckets. Floor. Washing. I'm so very unclever at the moment... Sorry.

Anyway, random things popping through my brain:

1. I hate it when I settle in to a school inservice and the presenter starts with some version of "I know you hate to be here, so this won't take long" and then reads off the powerpoint for thirty minutes in a monotone. Actually, I don't hate being there. I'd like to learn something. Don't disappoint me.
2. I'm still hooked on Scott Baio, 45 and Single. Currently, his "life coach" (quote are used because I'm still not sure there really is such a thing...) has him convinced that his friend Johnny V. is toxic for him. Interesting idea - can some of our friends be toxic for us? It's something I'm exploring in one of my WIP's.
3. My agent, Michelle Andelman of the fabulous Andrea Brown Literary Agency, totally rocks!
4. Will Heidi Montag of "The Hills" ever kick boyfriend Spencer to the curb? Seemingly not.
5. I'm constantly finding myself in situations where I find something hysterically funny that others don't. Like when my work pal Heidi (not "The Hills" Heidi in case you're wondering. Which I'm sure you're so not) and I amuse ourselves by me calling out "Grandfather, grandfather" in a very lame attempt to reference the book Heidi. Okay, yeah, it's not funny is it? Oh yes it is.
6. I enjoy having friends who feel safe enough to call me and say, "Do you have five minutes? Can I just vent?" Because then I know I can do it to them, too. Sometimes you just have to blurt it all out. No answers needed. Just a bobble-head doll type nodding. Or steady breathing
on the other end of the line.
7. And everyone should be watching Mad Men on AMC on Thursday nites, if only for the wicked accurate 1960 era details. Kids bouncing around in cars without seatbelts. Ad men boozing it up at the office. Women in girdles. Girdles! Constant cigarette smoking. Everywhere.

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

Adriel got me addicted to Meerkat Manor....and we are still watching guilty pleasure..Rock of Love

Anonymous said...

My cousin Caisie has now turned me on to Meerkat Manor! Caisie is getting her master's in environmental bio and is the animal fan.