Sunday, August 19, 2007

In which Joy recounts her Vegas top ten

Ah Las Vegas. I love it and I hate. All at once. So without further ado, I present the Vegas top ten from this past week's visit.

10. The cabby who drove us from airport to Caesar's. Gotta admire the guy who, prompted by the woman who walked blithely in front of our speeding cab as it sped up Caesar's driveway, rolled down his window, stuck his head out and screamed "Stupid b--ch!" at her. Certainly sets the tone for the afternoon.
9. Watching some stranger win 10,000 on the Rocky Contender slot machine.
8. The pools at Caesar's. Garden of the Gods. Icy water. Cool slate. Comfy lounge chairs. Waitress in gold lame bikini taking drink orders. Coulda stayed forever. Wealthy old guys with dark tans, sloping shoulders, and beer bellies complaining about the angle of the umbrellas. European men in speedos. People in the topless bathing pool (the Venus pool!) who really shouldn't have been there. I love it.
7. The Atomic Testing Museum right off the strip. I now own an Albert Einstein action figure from the gift shop. And learned a lot, too, lest my gentle readers think I am just a shallow shopper.
6. Our room on the top floor of the older section with a full view of the Strip.
5. The Buffet at the Bellagio. Burgers at Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay. The Triple Star with fruit penny slot machines. (I am seriously the world's worst gambler, so I stick to the bottom rung)
4. Getting a bellman at the Luxor let us ride the Inclinator with him to the top floor even though you really needed a room key.
3. Eating breakfast next to Pete Rose (okay, he's an autograph junkie but whatever) at Stage Deli. "So Pete," says my college son, "Guess it's weird eating at a place where there's a sandwich named after you." Pete declined to comment. He did however complain to Jeffrey the waiter about the crispness of his bacon.
2. Managing to miss all of Tropical Storm Erin while I was gone. The news in Las Vegas consisted instead of extended coverage about Elvis since it was the anniversary of his death. Much better.
1. Spending three full days with my kid who is now officially old enough to gamble.

Til next time...


Nick said...

Ah, the simple, beautiful irony of runnning into Pete Rose. In Vegas.

Joy said...

Yes, isn't it? Simple, beautiful irony covers it quite well. Pete Rose. Vegas. Who would have have put those two together?

Anonymous said...

seriously, lets be honest here, eating at the place were there is a dish named after you is like wearing the t-shirt of the band that you are in while you are playing a concert...Lame Pete Rose very Lame.

Anonymous said...

shhhh my baby won 639 nickles on our cruise last week on the slot