Sunday, November 11, 2007

Why didn't I see this sooner?

Finally got to rent Transformers. Now I must own it. How did I not make time for this even though I really, really wanted to?Autobots rule! Your dad buys you your first car - a falling apart piece of crap yellow Camaro and it turns out to be a heroic Autobot? Yes!

I'm never going to be able to walk by my car without wondering if it's a Transformer hiding in plain sight again.

And sadly, I've now approved husband's plan for the purchase of the new ginormous flat screen. Cause then I can watch it all again... I am a sick, sick person. But smiling.

til next time...


Anonymous said...

drool...flat screen...jealous...thou shalt not covet..etc...
flat screen..
we were just asking tonight..can our tv still get HD signals? It is only like 10-15 years old! BK

Nick said...


I have a very hard time understanding how can any self-respecting writer or storyteller or fireside yarn-spinner publicly admit to enjoying that movie.

It was a special-effects powerhouse. It had exciting moments. It had a story that was - well it didn't really a story. Or character development. My son and I watched it. He was riveted. I was aghast - Michael Bay took one of my cherished childhood fanaticisms and hollowed it out with CGI.

When I first heard they were making the film, I was excited - there was a good story (even if it was hijacked by Hasbro to puch plastic) that could be freed of the limitiations of real-life physics by top-notch cgi.

Movie popcorn has never left such a bad taste in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

Now, now... I didn't say it was great film making. I said it was rollicking fun. Well, okay, I didn't say that exactly, but whatever. I suppose it's the scene where the mother is telling Shia Lebouf (okay, I admit it, if I can't remember their names, not a great film, but still, stay with me - and hey, I do remember; it's Sam Wikki... something)that it's okay if he's well, you know, while the autobots are "hiding" outside.For whatever reason, Rick and I were on the floor laughing. So it made up for me still not understanding the whole power box thing and why the Decepticons really wanted it. I was having too good of a time watching to care. Shallow. Shallow. Like watching The Hills. You tell yourself no good can come of this and still, you're waiting for Justin Bobby to do something else shameworthy.

Anonymous said...

I guess we know what movie Mr. Nick won't be getting for Chanukah this year! He's very difficult to shop for, you know. ;)

I must say, though, that it is weird to revisit characters from the past. As children -- we spent countless hours inventing stories about and creating lives for those little plastic toys.

I think we are disappointed that the big-screen tricked-out versions don't remember how they used to be real people in our little lives.

We've grown up to be more -- why can't they grow up a little, too?