Friday, November 30, 2007

The great title search

Beth asked in comments on my last post if I'd discuss the process of finding a title. So I'll attempt to explain as best I can.

First, let me say, that ultimately, one's editor (when one sells a book) has a say so. As I've yet to work with an editor and only an agent, I'm not fully sure of all the ins and outs of that. But I know they probably have final say.

That being said, I think titles come from many places. The essence of the story, a phrase from the story... it could be any of these. My current agented novel got its title from a word that is crucial to the action of the story and is really a metaphor for what occurs in the book.

Current WIP is a harder nut to crack for me. I'm looking for a title that connects two concepts that aren't normally connected. (would say more but then I'd have to make you eat this post!) So it's been rough going. Think I'm almost there.

Okay, gotta run to holiday party and to get Robitussin for ailing husband!

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

Talk about titles...Josh is reading I think it is called " And then there were none". Agatha Christie...was at first called something like ...something "insert negro epitaph here..aka the "n" word." then it was like 10 litle indians...teacher called us in advance to warn us of anti-semitic character and dialog...BK

Anonymous said...

oops...and tell Rick hope he gets better! If not go make him get a Z-pack from Dr.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for addressing my question.

I look forward to hearing more about the "professional" process. :)