Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It never occurred to me...

Seriously. It really never occurred to me that it would be in any way weird for my various worlds to collide as I started this blog. But they do. And like I say, it's weird.

What am I talking about? Writing a blog that is - while admittedly a tad self-aware of its publicity purposes and attempting to be in the style of my writerly voice (oh get on with your bad self, Joy) - somewhat personal and knowing that since I still have that pesky day job and will keep having it for a good long while and that the people from that world will read my thoughts from this world.

Less long-winded version: I teach high school. That means I work with wired teens who now know how to find me in cyberspace. And since I'm writing books for them, I want them to find me. But it's nonetheless a little weird. Okay, not Michael Jackson hanging the baby over the railing weird. Or anything involving Britney or Amy Winehouse weird. (and oh, btw, does Amy Winehouse have the best voice ever and I wish she'd quit that pesky crack addiction or let her parents help her and maybe eat a twinkie or two and gain a few pounds) But it's still weird for me when worlds collide and I'm hyper aware that the same people I have to say things to like: "Do your freakin' paper. Sit down. No, you can't go the bathroom. Yes, I think it's utterly fascinating that you two have the same middle name. You saw him doing what behind the dry erase board?? Good god, I think it's another fire drill" are now the same people that know about my real life and occasionally make it very clear that yes, they do know about my real life and seem a little shaky to realize that I don't just curl up under the document camera at night and drink stale coffee and grade their papers until dawn or something like that.

So... it's a good problem to have. But it will take some adjusting. For all of us.

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

sigh...I wish my son had you. I am about at my witts end with my son's English teacher...As you know he was away. I emailed teacher in December..."what novel will you be reading?" er tart answer, it does not matter as he might not be in my class when he re-enrolls. So in effect "i'm not telling you". So now he gets back and the class is in the like 1/2 way part of major novel. He has been up till 3am reading trying to catch up. We begged her today to please give him some time to catch up...she said no. Then son tell us he turned in reading log, needed back. After asking her several times, she pulls from BOTTOM of pile thumbs through in about 7 seconds and marks "70". HUH? How can you thumb through 7 pages of college ruled analysis of this novel and just mark it 70? She is such a non-motivator. I am starting to realize most of the teachers at his school treat everyone as a number and very few actually have any kind of personal touch/interest in the kid. Ok I am done! bk

Anonymous said...

LOL! I can totally see where you're coming from. Kids reading about my private life, whom I then have to see the next day - ACK!

Maybe some authors make a more writerly blog and a different one for the teens to view. My reading audience (when the time is right, wink) will be sixth-ninth graders. They probably don't want to know my "behind the scenes" look at life and my writing tips. So you've given me something to think about.

Maybe a website would be the place to have a link that says, "MY BLOG" and one that says, "Teen Scene," or something equally gag-producing. IDK - let me know what you come up with, lol. KYM