Saturday, February 9, 2008

Landry, Tyra, and all the rest

So, I'm loving Friday Night Lights. I'd missed most of it last year and I've been catching up with Season 1 on DVD. Then I had to stop watching entirely since my latest WIP is in large part a football book I'd started before I'd ever watched FNL, and I simply couldn't watch for fear of having any of it leak into my head. But now that I'm in revision mode, I treated myself again. Started watching this new season, and catching up on last season again. And so, I say again -Loving. It. If you haven't watched - watch. If nothing else I give it kudos for presenting Texas football and Texas life in a realistic, subtle manner. (soap opera plot lines non withstanding, since hey, can't be without those!) None of this Tom Hanks doing a fake drawl like in that stupid Charlie Wilson's War movie where all those big stars weren't really acting much, just being BIG STARS, or JR/Dallas stuff. Just real people with real hearts and messy, wonderful lives. I'm already aching for the outcome of the Landry/Tyra relationship. Cause you know this probably won't turn out okay. And Smash has a lot of growing up to do, lots of hard, hard lessons. And Tim Riggins trying to get Lyla back... gotta love Tim Riggins. Okay, everyone loves Tim Riggins. (okay, yeah, I had that bad boy syndrome when I was in my teens... ended up marrying mine actually.. which is another story entirely...) All that pain and heart... And Coach and his family... Great stuff. Check it out.

Til next time...


nibbler said...

je ne regarde pas le FNL :O

Anonymous said...

I can't bring myself to watch FNL. It's weird residual teenager resentment. IMHO, Football is TOO important in Texas high schools. It is kind of ridiculous. Far too often, supporting football programs comes at the expense of supporting academics or arts.

What's so great about football that it deserves to be emperor of the Texas high school landscape?


Anonymous said...

But Bethie - it's a metaphor for life! Seriously. It is.

Anonymous said...

I believe that today's Rhymes with Orange sums up my feelings.