Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Sunday stuff

It's the husband's favorite day of the year. Football. Snack food. Football. And everything that goes with that.

Two years ago, it was the day I finally decided to get off my hind end and started seriously querying agents about Spark. The day that began the journey that's ended up here and now where I'm actually moving that same book toward a publication date. So what did I tell myself that day? Well, I guess the first thing I told myself was, gee, this computer room looks like a great place to hide from excess testosterone on tv. But beyond that, I really do remember thinking that if I didn't put myself out there - really, really out there - then I'd never know what could happen. So I took a deep breath and did it.

Went to a baby shower yesterday. Lots of the requisite oohing and aahing over teensy clothes and hooded towels and a kick ass invention called a swim diaper! Not sure how this works, but it sure sounds good that said baby could wear a diaper into the pool and not have it swell to the size of a cow's head as it does its job soaking up liquid. And lots of eating girlie food like egg casseroles and mimosas.

Also lots of small talk, something I'm never good at. In my world it always ends up like it did yesterday:

Woman at my table: (forks up some cheese grits) So you wrote a book. That's great.
Me: (pokes at far too cheesy hash browns) Yes. It's coming out next year. It's called Spark and it's a young adult novel.
Cheese Grits Woman: That's great. I want to take this class on how to carve shapes into fruit and vegetables. You know. Like on cruises. Like when they carve heads into the watermelons.
Me: Really? Good for you. (sucks down glass of peach ice tea and ponders what to say next)

Til next time...


Anonymous said...

sigh...small talk...small talk with people you know is easier than complete strangers. We were at BnB two weeks ago. Had to small talk over breakfast. You could tell we were all gobbling down the food to end the charade.

Us: so where are you from?
Them: we live near a town called Tomball.
Them: we live off 2920.

yawn...more boring stuff like that.
They were nice and all..
Jeff hates to have breakfast at Bnb with "others". i forgot to check that out first! becki

Anonymous said...

Hilarious conversation calculus.

Small talk is hard and awkward. It was one of my least favorite tasks in the old job.


Anonymous said...

Joy - that was totally hilarious! I have conversations with people like that all the time. They almost never ask what the book is about, but tell me about someone they know who thought about writing a book about seven years ago, and they wonder what ever happened with that.

My question is...when do the author paparazzis start showing up? :) KYM

nibbler said...

Wow. That's painful small talk.

Joy said...

KYM - With my luck, the paparazzis will just ask the same questions! Glad to hear someone else hears the same stuff. Seriously - what is it with people?

Nibbler - It's really more funny than painful. Yup. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!