Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The things they ask, continued

Posted the other day about the being interviewed by the newspaper crew at school. They ended up writing a really, really nice little article that I now have up in my room. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... and then the neurotic part of me kicked in and I felt guilty that I had only finished one more book and now I'm outlining a new WIP, lest I become an ungrateful slacker.

But as I was yammering about in the comment section of Sunday's post, when people hear you've written a book, they really do ask the darndest things. Has anyone else heard any of these?

  • So how much are you getting paid? (Gee, would I ask you your salary?)
  • Why is it taking so long to come out? ( I attempt to explain the workings of the publishing industry and their eyes glaze over)
  • Oh.
  • Really. Interesting.
  • What's it about? (and then when you answer, they look around the room like they're not interested)
  • Do you think people will read it? ( Gee, no. I was rather hoping they'd ignore it. Doh!)
  • Can you quit teaching now? (Wild, maniacal laughter on my part. No one gives up their day job that soon!)
  • Is it like Harry Potter?
  • I like John Grisham. Is it like that?
  • Oh. It's a book for teens. I don't read those. (Well, too bad. You're really missing out on some wonderful books!)
  • I don't have time to read, but if I did...
  • Will you give me a copy? (Actually, no. But you can buy one)
  • I have this great idea for a book. Can I tell you about it. (If you must)
  • I have this great idea for a book. Will you recommend me to your agent? (Well, it doesn't exactly work like that)
  • I have this great idea for a book. Will you write it with me? ( Uh, no.)
  • I'd write a book if I didn't have so much else to do. (Gee, would you really?)

And on and on in that vein. Of course there are also lots of great people. And great questions. And people who are so excited and giddy that it makes me embarrassed with happiness. And I know it's all part of it. But yeesh.

Til next time...


nibbler said...

Hope I didn't ask one like that!

Anonymous said...

I went back to the email I sent you to be SURE I didn't utter any of the above phrases. Whew! - Jamie