Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fried Oreos and other stuff

So that's what a bag of fried oreos looks like. And let me say, they were one of the highlights of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. (Okay, Keith Urban was really the highlight. Plus this event called Mutton Busting, where 4-6 year olds- wearing protective vests and helmets - cling to the backs of sheep and try to ride them as far and fast as they can. Which, if you've never seen it is as odd but enjoyable as it sounds) But back to the oreos... the chocolate part gets all mushed and dense, the fried outside is as grease-ilicious as you'd ever want, and the powdered sugar just ties it all together. The guy hands the bag o' goodies to you warm from the fryer...

Beyond the rodeo, I've been finishing my copy edits for Dreaming Anastasia. Suzy Williams (author of the delightful and recently released Bull Rider) described the copy edit process as sort of Zen like. Basically, you have to go through everything your editor/ copy editor/production editors have marked and either ok it or fix it or comment on it. After the pull it apart and stitch it back together of revisions, this is definitely different. But very exciting because it's the last big step. And also because this cool team of people have read your book and helped make it as smooth as it can possibly be. (plus tell you things you ought to have known, like that lightning always comes before thunder, for which I am very very thankful)

Also got to see two very fine films with two very fine actors - Sean Penn's amazing performance in Milk and Anne Hathaway's oh so emotional starring role in Rachel Getting Married. Neither ends happily. But I was blown away. Even more than by the fried oreos.

Til next time...

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