Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I did it!

Yup! Finished the copy edits. As it's been a very, very, very weird day (more on that another time), celebration was low key. Small glass of wine. A toaster waffle (don't mock the power of a waffle with honey). Critique group. And a lot of introspection on the journey that got me to this spot. It was fun to be up close and personal with Dreaming Anastasia again during the copy edits. You get deep into the bones of your story. Get to remember where scenes started, what a certain passage might have been like early on. (sometimes you get to do that cause there are left overs from what was and they don't track with what is; that is bad. It gets fixed.) When it was all over I thought I might feel sad or nostalgic. Honestly, not so much. I felt elated. Excited. Thrilled. Not that it was done. But that I'd done it. Kept with it. And that Velveteen Rabbit moment was a step closer. The one where I get to be a real author with books on the shelves.

In other news - I'm still loving this season of Friday Night Lights. Tammy's sex talk with Jules last Friday - it was spot on and poignant. And the Buddy Garrity arc - rips my heart apart. Seriously - if you're not watching, try it.

Til next time...


Kim said...

Joy, I hope you know that as proud as you are of yourself - we are so proud of you. Every time we go into a book store (which is pretty much every week) we look for the spot where your book(s) will be. You already are a real author and soon you will have books on the shelves.

Anonymous said...

You are very sweet, dear Kim!! Joy