Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Sunday Seven

Okay, the title is like, totally derivative, but functional.

1. Finished fellow 2k9er Albert Borris's ARC of Crash into Me. You are all in for an amazing story. It is dark and timely and real as Owen, Audrey, Jin Ae and Frank- all of whom have attempted suicide and failed - take a cross country journey to visit the graves of celebrity suicides and ultimately decide if they will be going through with their death pact. As I just said, this is a dark story but it draws you in and doesn't let go. Albert's a long time counsleor so he knows his subject matter and he's created a powerful, powerful story. Please watch for it to hit the shelves later this year.
2. Speaking of 2k9, we're adding our fourth release right now, which is Lisa Greenwald's My Life in Pink and Green, a delightful tween novel. Also on the shelves are Rosanne Parry's Heart of Shepherd, Suzanne Morgan Williams' Bull Rider, and Kathryn Fitzmaurice's The Year the Swallows Came Early. These last three are middle grade novels and each more lovely than the next. As Kathryn's protag. Eleanor "Groovy" Robinson says, "I'm here to tell you" that these books are all phenomenal. I am so honored to be able to know these talented authors and to count them all as new and treasured work partners and friends.
3. Speaking of which - that's the thing that's most amazing me these days. When you crawl over, um, a certain age - okay let's just say when you're old enough to have a 22 year old son and leave it at that - you don't necessarily get the opportunity to suddenly double and triple your 'friends I adore and never want to let go of' list. So what a rush, to suddenly get to to exactly that. It's been the unexpected true blessing of this whole publication journey.
4.Spring break can't come soon enough. Just sayin'
5. Loved, loved this week's ep of FNL. Actually teared up a few times, especially with the Buddy Garrity story line. That man is so annoying and so imperfect and he knows it, but I feel for him nonetheless because he has an enormous heart and when it breaks, it about crashes through the tv screen at me. Ditto with the Landry and Devon (is that the new girl's name - the new musician in Landry's band?) story line. Landry, Landry. Oh, Landry.
6. Son has introduced me to the world of Millionaire Matchmaker. I won't be obsessively tuning in, but it's a decent once in a while guilty pleasure.
7. Have tried to get into this latest season of Amazing Race, but I think I exhausted myself with Dandrew!

Well, guess that's my seven. I'm outta here.
Til next time...

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