Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jennifer Hubbards Library Loving Challenge and other things

Caught up on life a little late this week and almost missed Jennifer Hubbard's Library Loving Challenge. But although I was too late to comment on Jen's, I did have time to comment on some of the others she has listed, who have extended their challenges through today and even April 1. So jump on that band wagon if you can because they'll be donating money to the library of their choice for each comment they receive. Very cool idea! Bravo for this you guys!

And all that library talk makes me think it's time for a What's on my Nightstand post. Honestly there's so much stacked up there that I wonder when I'll ever get through it all, but currently: I'm finishing fellow 2k9er JT Dutton's (alias the delightful Jen Dutton) Freaked. Powerful and hysterical read that I will post a review of when I finish. Jen has nailed boy world,I do believe, or at least her mc Scotty Loveletter's, world and I'm anxious to get back to it.

Also now reading 2 by Dan Ehrenhaft - Dirty Laundry and 10 Things to Do Before I Die. Dan - you are one funny guy! I'm loving brillo pad head Ted Burger in 10 Things. A lot. Dan, btw, if you do not keep up with Publisher's Weekly, has now come over from Alloy to Sourcebooks as MG and YA acquisitions editor... Sourcebooks being the publisher of the contemporary fantasy debut YA novel Dreaming Anastasia written by yours truly and coming out in September... Ah yes, I'm sure there's a story in there, you're thinking. Yup. More soon.

Bunch of other stuff on the old nightstand - I'm reading up about British Columbia, cause we are driving the Pacific Northwest coast this summer some - Seattle, Vancouver.....

Headed to a day of TLA this week and I'm looking forward. I'll just be doing the exhibit floor and meeting up with among others, Janet Fox (Faithful, Puffin, 2010). In any case, I've never been, so I'm excited.

Til next time...

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