Sunday, August 30, 2009

2 More Day until Dreaming Anastasia and Thank Yous

Just some quick updates and thank yous this morning - particularly to the intrepid bloggers who have graciously chosen to host Dreaming Anastasia and me during September. As I keep saying - you guys totally rock!

Author, fellow Texan and pal Janet Fox (Faithful, Puffin, 2010) has posted her interview with me. Check it out here:

Kate at the Never Ending Shelf has posted a humblingly delightful review and is hosting a contest until midnight 8/31 for a DA giveaway, so go soon!

Blogger @bookaliciouspam is currently hosting a contest to win both Dreaming Anastasia and my fellow Sourcebookie Kaleb Nation's Bran Hambric, which comes out on 9/9, one week after DA. You may already know Kaleb from his online tv show or as Twi-guy. Check it out here:

Taschima Cullen's MegaPalooza contest is still on to win Dreaming Anastasia and other great books and prizes. In fact that reminds me that I need to send her the book now that I have my author copies! Click here to enter: Taschima has also had this amazing Dreaming Anastasia countdown clock on her site, for which she definitely deserves extra points of awesomeness!

If you're a bookseller and you're reading this, thanks to you, too! Some of you are getting behind DA and really talking it up to readers and I couldn't be more humbled! More awesome points!!

As I mentioned in my Friday post, my librarian at the school where I teach is a rock star! She has set up a huge bulletin board display for Dreaming Anastasia. She is also not only hosting receptions for me but she's also used money to purchase multiple copies to use as giveaways not only to students in our school but also to students in other schools around the district, espcially those at our alternative high school. She is proof of the generosity of the reading/book community. Because honestly, beyond all the wonderous celebration is a goal of getting books into the hands of people who want to read!

Other contests coming.

If you're in the Houston area, I'll be doing my launch signing on Saturday, 9/12, 2PM at The Woodlands Mall Barnes and Noble. And - shhhh.... don't tell anyone.... I'll be raffling off limited edition Dreaming Anastasia t-shirts during the signing! swagswagswagswagswag!!

And on Thursday, 9/3 at 8PM CST, I'll be doing an hour of live chat through our classof2k9 site. You can go right to the chat through the link that will be posted on our blog.

Til next time... Which will be launch day!!


Unknown said...

So excited for you. Hope your signing goes well. Too day I do not live in TX. Are you planning to come to TN at all?

Joy Preble said...

Would be fun! Right now just Texas and then Chicago.(dates and places to be announced soon) So cross your fingers for a world domination tour!

Janet Fox said...

Joy - thanks for the thanks! I'm so excited for you!
xo - Janet