Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Keeping my head on straight

Luckily, school started Monday. Pre- Dreaming Anastasia release week is thus going rather quickly. It is hard to get too worked up about much of anything when you are beaten into submission by a forty-five minute after school inservice lecture on ADHD. Not that this is not important. Just that after teaching 3 90 -minute classes of 30 plus students each and supervising a prolonged homeroom during which one guy repeatedly observed that school sucked and that he was bored and could I do anything about this (um, no), it was hard to stay focused on anything other than Starbucksstarbucksstarbucks.... please God let me get my freakin'starbucks.

That, my dearies, is the glory of being a public servant. On the one hand I go home and get emails from Publicist Paul and Editor Dan about their unfailing high hopes and optimism and did you know how many books your local B&N just ordered because holy crap we're excited. And wonderful book bloggers all over the blogosphere and that Twitterverse that has embraced me like it thinks I know what I'm doing are reviewing and hosting and letting me write guest posts and generally treating me like a real author of a book they seem to want to read and asking me questions about genre-bending and Baba Yaga and just making me so happy I want to freakin' explode. (even though I still haven't found the Tweetdeck and it sometimes takes me far too long to tweet because I am -clearly - verbose and this whole 140 characters thing just pisses off my long-winded muse sometimes)

On the other hand, I think I missed bus duty today. And I got reprimanded for forgetting to alphabetize my clinic forms. My duty post for pep rallies is somewhere on the northeast staircase. And when I told some kid that I really didn't need to see his boxers, he informed me that they were red and green and I should just get a little pre-holiday spirit.

In short, it keeps me honest. Because seriously, how can you be anything but grounded about the whole "whoo hoo I'm a star" when you still know without a doubt that some child quite undaunted by your fame will still at some point during the year tell you to "f-- off"? High school teaching is life's great equalizer.

Til next time...

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Anonymous said...

haha mrs. P who said that?? so freshman?