Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dreaming Anastasia Thank Yous and Updates and Some Links!

Well, we're in the final countdown now until September 1st when Dreaming Anastasia releases. Amazon has started shipping people's copies. I've heard that my local Barnes and Noble has leaked it onto the shelves early although I haven't seen that with my own eyes, so I'm going to try to get over there today and check that little rumor out! People have begun reading. And telling me about it. (in positive ways that are making me happy, which is a good sign since it has belatedly occurred to me that bringing a book into the world is a lot like childbirth. Only it takes longer. And people tell the truth about how they feel; they don't just look into the crib and mumble something about how all babies look like Winston Churchill) And appearing wherever I am with books in hand for me to sign. And calling me all emotional because they've been my friend lo these many years of this journey and beyond and they've read it and seemingly loved it and are so happy for me that I am seriously overwhelmed.

In short - crazy/wonderful times right now.

Some upcoming stuff, some links, and some other thank yous.

  • Blog tour is heating up. I will let you know who's hosting me on any particular day by linking everything here, but I will do it every few days or so. That particularly has me humbled right now! It seems that Dreaming Anastasia and I will be storming the blogosphere for the next month and if you are reading this and you have asked to host with a review or interview or guest post, here's some profound gratitude to you and I am very much looking forward!

  • Have heard about a couple more Waiting on Wednesday shout outs that I'm thrilled to thank! Thanks for dreaming the Dreaming Anastasia dream with me to and - who, btw, really got into the whole Baba Yaga element of the novel which is sooooo exciting for me!

  • Thank you! to hardworking Jennifer Wardrip and the whole TeensReadToo family who posted this nice review and also this interview with me on their related Authors Unleashed blog. (I do have to say that when my editor read it and learned my love for all things Monty Python, we passed a few minutes of an otherwise ordinary Friday afternoon emailing favorite quotes back and forth to one another.)

  • Thank you again to everyone who participated in my first Dreaming Anastasia giveaway! I loved talking strong woman characters with you! Cari_tx - Your book is on its way!

  • If you missed out on that contest, Taschima Cullen is still hosting her Mega Palooza at where you can enter and win an autographed DA and many other fabulous books and prizes!
  • And mostly this morning a hearty thank you to the entire team and family at Sourcebooks who are working behind the scenes on my behalf, including but not limited to Mr. Tiger Beat Dan Ehrenhaft and the intrepid Publicist Paul, who keep me laughing and only occasionally nag me about stuff. (okay, Paul nags more. But that is his job)

And if you're reading this, here's my request this week! If you're in a bookstore and see Dreaming Anastasia out - early - on a shelf, let me know! Take a picture, even, if the mood strikes you. And above all - to repeat the theme of this post - THANK YOU! -from me and from Anne, Ethan, and Anastasia (and minor character Tess who seems to be worming her way stealthily into readers' hearts which is sooo awesome to me because I do have to admit she was a lot of fun to write!).

Til next time...


Kate said...

Will be going to the book store later and will check if it is available. My review is up if you want to check it out.

Oh, and I am still working on my interview questions for you.

Joy said...

Thanks, Kate! And I'm so delighted you enjoyed the book. Ecstatic, actually!Looking forward to questions and to your hosting - Blog tour world domination begins!

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