Thursday, August 13, 2009

Contest Coming! Blog Tour beginning!

Check back Friday for my very first Dreaming Anastasia contest! Ooooh... prizes!!

Things are getting crazy around here. Was at my Barnes and Noble yesterday, dropping off my foam board poster that the dear folks at Sourcebooks made up for me to use at the launch party on 9/12. And then I got an email from Amazon that my copy of Dreaming Anastasia that I'd pre-ordered (yes, I ordered my own book. Why? Because I could) was going to be at my doorstep early. Maybe even next week. This has made me a little crazier.

Working on a variety of guest posts and interview questions for the Dreaming Anastasia blog tour that's shaping up, aided by the very capable hands of Publicist Paul. I'll let you know where I'll be, virtually speaking.

But back to the first sentence - contest anyone? Who's excited along with me?

Til next time...


soundistheword3 said...

Very exciting!!


Kate said...

I will be hosting your book on Sept. 7th as part of your blog tour. I would love to have you do either an interview or guest post.

Anonymous said...

Yes you the storyteller

Anonymous said...

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