Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And the Winner Is...

First let me say what great answers everyone came up with - friends in the Mortal Instrument Series, Hush, Hush, Bones and Buffy, even classics such as Gatsby, Gone with Wind (a shout out to one of my international contest entries!), Anne of Green Gables - and more. You guys really rocked this question.

But - the magic contest picking hat (manned by every patient husband - "You want me to do this again? Okay get the hat. Did you pick up my dry cleaning?") never lies. And what did the contest hat have to say?

Congrats to Kelly, who said:

Hmmm...where would we be without friends??? My favorite lit. friend is Gale from The Hunger Games because he takes care of Katniss's family while she is gone and he's really loyal. I value loyalty. I know, I know...he is potentially a romantic interest, but I'm Team PEETA! So Gale is offically in the friend category! I guess we will have to wait until Mockingjay in August to find out...

Gotta love the explanation, Kelly! I like a loyal guy, too. Especially one who takes a public whipping for hunting with Katniss! Ouch! Dreaming Anastasia's Ethan might not always make the right choices, but he's a loyal little hottie!

Email me at and let me know your address and I will send your autographed copy of Dreaming Anastasia, autographed poster, book marks AND postcard! Whoa! What a haul.

Thanks to everyone for participating.

And stay tuned for some very cool blog stuff! I'll be interviewing my cover artist for both Dreaming Anastasia and HAUNTED. Her name is Cathleen Elliott and she has graciously agreed to let us all have a behind the scenes look at how book covers are created! Which of course will lead to the official unveiling of the HAUNTED cover! You guys will love it.

Til next time...

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