Sunday, February 14, 2010

Only in Texas and other Sunday stuff

I grew up in Chicago. So I'm used to crazy politics. Corrupt politics. Politics that make your hair stand on end. Politics that make you go, "Seriously?" We used to joke that the city motto was "Vote early. Vote often."

So now I live in Texas. And we like to give old Illinois a run for its money. So in the spirit of "Seriously?" - did you know that one of our current candidates for gov. is Farouk Shami - who INVENTED THE CHI!! You know - as in flat iron. As in the greatest invention in the Western world for wavy haired girls like me. And I thought it was fun last time when Kinky Friedman ran.

Beyond that, THANKS to YAEdge and 2k10 co-pres. Judith Graves for hosting this interview with me. I'll be hosting Judith next month when her paranormal YA, Under My Skin, debuts, so be on the lookout!!

Happy Valentine's to one and all. <3
Will keep you posted on all things HAUNTED. (Still. So. Excited!)

Til next time...

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Judith Graves said...

Invented the Chi?! I have one of those. ;) Happy V-Day and thanks again for hanging out on YAedge!