Sunday, January 30, 2011

In Which I Should be Writing not Praising Raspberry Preserves

Brief post while I eat my English muffin with Bonne Maman raspberry preserves. Got this love affair going with this little glass jar of French jam. Good God almighty that is some fine tasting stuff. Bought the fig preserves too - good, but not quite as yummy.
It's almost Tuesday. Almost Haunted. I am truly excited. Will post more about that on Tuesday.

Had my first Skype visit with the delightful students at Avalon Middle School and their teachers. Me in Texas. Them in Florida. Thank you all for being so amazingly cool and having such fabulous questions to ask me.

And in the category of fan girl excitement - Lauren Oliver (author of the amazing Before I Fall and whose new book Delirium, shares 2/1 as its release day with Haunted) is coming to my school on Friday! I will try not to scare her away with my gushing about how much I love Before I Fall.

Must write now.
See ya.

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Anonymous said...

I got my copy of HAUNTED today on my way to work! :)
Your book matched the release date of another book I have been waiting for. I decided it would be fun to get them both the same day. On my way to work, I walked into our Barnes & Noble... my one book was already out and on the shelves.

I had asked about HAUNTED, and they didn't have in on the shelves, but it was in the back. The woman was very nice, and let me get it a day before they put them out for display. :) I was very lucky.

I LOVE this book so far. I hope you come out with more books, and more Russian fiction!!