Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kiss Me Kill Blog Tour, Sarwat Chadda, and other good stuff

Haunted is really really almost here! Project Editor Kelly just sent me a picture of the actual book - an advanced copy from the printer - and it is so pretty. I want to hug it. Soon I will!

Lots in the works to announce soon - If you are an ebook reader, get ready for an amazing HAUNTED opportunity coming the week of 2/1. Seriously fabulous! That's all I can say right now.

And you know how I met author Sarwat Chadda (Devil's Kiss and the forthcoming Dark Goddess) at NCTE? Well, he is now my favorite Brit ever, because he has asked me to join him in his Kiss Me Kill Me Blog Tour, along with the "big kids" crowd. Yup, me and Aprilyne Pike, Brenna Yavanoff, Rachel Hawkins, Cindy Pon, Holly Black, Becca Fitzpatrick, Melissa de La Cruz, Ally Carter, and Carrie Ryan (who I got to meet at NCTE) Did I say I was excited? Sarwat and I have bonded over our mutual use of Russian foklore: we both use Baba Yaga, Vasilisa the Brave, Anastasia Romanov and Koschei the Deathless!! We'll be talking about this when I interview him on my blog next week and when he reviews DA and Haunted on his site.
Plus when he emails, he uses words like bloody good, chum, jolly and cream teas. This delights me no end.

Read more on Sarwat's blog:

Hope to announce a bit of a mini tour schedule soon, so stay tuned. Here's what I have planned for now:

--Saturday, 2/5: Launch Party/Signing at The Woodlands, TX Barnes and Noble - 2PM
--Saturday 3/5: Signing and Writer's Workshop at The Woodlands TX Borders - time TBA

--Tuesday 3/15 - Pilgrim School as part of their Visiting Artist/Writer's Series, Los Angeles, CA
--Saturday 3/26 - Champions Forest B&N, Houston ,TX - Signing and Book Fair with Banff School (time TBA)
--Saturday, 4/8 -Will be introducing my lovely editor, Leah Hultenschmidt at Houston SCBWI

--April, 2011 - TLA in Austin, TX - signing times to be announced

--Blog Tour - TBA

There are some other really cool events that I'll announce soon.
More soon!


Kari said...

I saw on your twitter feed that you're coming to Phoenix for the Haunted tour, and I am already so excited!!! I can't wait to meet you!!!

Joy said...

Yes!! Please spread the word. I'll post full info as soon as times and places are nailed down but I'm pretty sure I'll be at Changing Hands in Tempe on 2/26. Doing some school visits too... Yay! I love Phoenix.

Kari said...

Oh, I <3 changing hands. I went there for a book signing for Aprilynne Pike, Linda Gerber and Lisa McMann, and I've been wanting to go back. Oh, now I'm even more excited!!! XD