Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Austin Comic Con

Comic Con is coming!! Comic Con is coming!!
Would love to see everyone at the Austin Comic Con next weekend, 11/11- 11/13 at the Austin Convention Center. The Writing Ninjas will be be performing a stealthy but deadly assault at booths #521/523 where we will be signing copies of our books, giving away swag, candy and other prizes of awesome and basically taking the Con by storm. Ninja style, of course! Come on by and say hello. Check out my zombie glasses and Russian rusalka costume. Get a HAUNTED t-shirt! Who are the Ninjas? We are: Jessica Lee Anderson, Jason Henderson, KA Holt, PJ Hoover, Mari Mancusi, Cory Oakes, Joy Preble, Madeline Smoot, Tracy Deebs!

Want to read more about it? Go here.
Want to know more about the entire Comic Con event? Click on the banner above.
Hope to see you there! Spread the word. The Ninjas are coming. Better beware!!

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