Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Guilty Pleasures and other Things or Occupy Thankfulness

Yes, I am just shallow enough to be thankful for guilty pleasures such as USA network's Covert Affairs which fabulously returned from its summer series status to a fall season as well. If you haven't been watching the saga of Annie Walker, CIA spy, well, you're missing out on huge fluffy sexy fun with not a drop of realism to get in the way. Except maybe tonight when Annie almost got shot. That was sort of real. Or last week when she pretended to love the hot Israeli Mossad agent... except maybe she really does... yeah, that was real. Or anything involving character Auggie Anderson, who lost his sight in Iraq but still manages to be quite the sexy super spy as evidenced by the photo above. Yes, the writers seem to have exponentially increased the opportunities for Auggie to take his shirt off. Smart folks, those writers.

In the real world as I get ready to make spinach dip and pumpkin pies and cranberry sauce and all the other things that I'm bringing to our family/friends who are like family feast tomorrow, I am also thankful for: the aforementioned family and friends, and also my mentors, agent, editors, local booksellers... everyone in my world who laughs with me, nudges me, teaches me, makes my world a fuller and miraculous place. It takes a village and I adore mine!

Eat too much tomorrow if you can. Watch the Macy's parade. Go for a long walk. Hug someone you love. Say thank you early and often. And with all due respect to every righteous protest going on, let's just Occupy Thankfulness. Cause I think we all have a damn lot to be thankful for. Even on days when we think we don't.

Want to tell me something you're especially thankful for? Leave a comment. And then go eat some more pie.

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Kim said...

I have more to be thankful for than I've ever imagined. Friends, health, the best frelatives ever, and did I mention health? If life never gets better than it is right now, I will be totally happy for the rest of my life. And don't forget the dog show after the Macy's parade. I love you Joy!!