Friday, November 18, 2011

Friend Friday

Pushing through revisions for Sweet Dead Life today for Editor Dan Ehrenhaft at Soho Press so I can get on the road later and hang with Janet Fox, who is not only talented and smart, she is also someone I am lucky to call a friend. She's in the picture above, second from the left. In order up there we are authors: Suzy Morgan Williams, Janet Fox, Sydney Salter, me, and Rosanne Parry, enjoying each other's company at Disney World last year during NCTE.

This afternoon, Janet will be at the Barnes and Noble in College Station on Texas Ave, talking writing and books, including her Faithful and her newest book, a companion novel to the first, Forgiven. She'll be there from 4-6 .

It's worth repeating this morning that one of the best and most unexpected benefits of my writing career is how it has allowed me to create this wide circle of phenomenal friends and colleagues beyond the ones I'd already had over years of teaching. I am thankful beyond words for these people. They enrich my life, challenge my brain, and nurture my creative spirit. Plus they mostly make me laugh my head off like an idiot, which is my favorite thing to do. I adore them all! And best of all -- the circle keeps growing.

So my question for Friday morning: Tell me about your best friend(s). Why do you adore them?

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Janet Fox said...

Oh, sweetie, how did I miss this?? You are certainly one of my dearest friends, and you are so right about how enriching this is.

Huge hugs to you - j