Friday, May 11, 2012

And the Winner Is...

And Lyla the wonder dog is here this morning to present the ANASTASIA FOREVER arc to one lucky winner!

Here's what she had to say:

Me: What did you think of all the giveaway entries?
Lyla: Wow! Four paws up! Those answers about mermaid vs. witch? They all deserve to win. Or they all deserve a Milkbone.
Me: Fabulous! So who did you pick?
Lyla: Well, it wasn't me, remember. All entries go into the contest hat. I picked the winner with one of my huge Basset paws.
Me: You really do have big feet.
Lyla: No need to get insulting! That's why everyone thinks I'm still a puppy. Which is lucky, since I still act like one.
Me: So who? Who?
Lyla: Are you an owl?
Me: The winner?
Lyla: The winner is Tayler Clements!!! CONGRATS!! She needs to email you at joypreble at gmail dot com

And if you didn't win, I am going to convince Joy to give away another arc next month! (or possibly an arc of THE SWEET DEAD LIFE while she's at it)

Here's what Tayler had to say:

Anonymous Tayler Clements said...
I would pick the rusalka. They are like sirens and no one can resist their lure. The witch however can be defied, it'd be difficult yes, but not impossible. And if the witch and rusalka battled? The rusalka would have to win, they are just too determined to lose!! I mean really, they get what they want no matter the costs. Plus, if it was one against Baba? She could just call for her sisters to come help, who'll help Baba Yaga? So yeah. I'm for the evil-ish mermaids all the way. I can't wait to see what happens in Anastasia Forever....wait, will there be a witch/mermaid "smack down?" Because that'd be quite entertaining to read about :)


Tayler Clements said...

I won?! Yaaaaay!!!! I'm sending the email like, right now! Eeeee!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Amanda said...

Did you specify that Lyla was not included in the prize? LOL *Boxet sold seperately*

Congrats to the winner :)