Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wanna win an arc of ANASTASIA FOREVER?

As I mentioned yesterday, if you were at TLA you had a chance to get an advanced reading copy of ANASTASIA FOREVER, book 3 of the DREAMING ANASTASIA series, which is coming out on August 1, 2012 from Sourcebooks. But if you weren't, you're probably pretty sad about that! (go ahead - make your sad face) Publishers tend to make a limited amount of arcs and so these suckers can get pretty sparse.

But no worries, my reader minions! I am giving you an opportunity to win one today - and you don't even have to leave your house/school/office! Yup! You win it and I send it to you. Easy peasy.

So what do you have to do to win one of these pretty, pretty books that let you know how the story ends way before everybody else?

Here's what to do:
ANASTASIA FOREVER not only continues Anne and Ethan's love story, it also has both a witch (the infamous Russian witch Baba Yaga) and a rusalka, a malevolent and cursed Russian mermaid who was introduced in HAUNTED.

If you want to be in the contest hat for the ANASTASIA FOREVER arc, comment on this blog, and choose one - witch or mermaid and why? If you had to pick between these two fairy tale characters, which one would you pick? Who would win in a witch/mermaid smack down? Why?
Include where you can be reached if you win.
Giveaway will continue until Thursday May 10 at 11:59 PM and I will announce the winner on Friday May 11!

May the witchy/mermaid odds be ever in your favor!


Niara84 said...

I think I would pick mermaid.because they can lure the which.we.all can.also drown.their victims... Think their also beautiful but deadly. Hope I win love this series. Anastasia always facinated me. Fingers crossed

Niara84 said...

I can be reachead at

SA Larsenッ said...

Joy, you know how much I loved the first two books. I so need an ARC!!

I'm going with the Witch. Why? Hmmm...maybe it's my personal perception of witches. My witch would connect herself with all of nature, where the mermaid would be a mere water-sap. lol ;D


Kim H. said...

Making my sad face. :( It would absolutely be the mermaid. She's pretty, she's sneaky. She can hide underwater when she needs to. You know where to find me. :)

Alex M said...

I would choose Baba Yaga. She may be old but she is extremely powerful. She protects Anastasia from everyone, not just the good guys. I can be contacted at Hope I win, I can't wait until this book comes out.

Samantha Clark said...

I'm with Alex. I think Baba Yaga. Not much can hold her back.

I was at TLA but missed this ARC. So excited the book is coming out soon. Congrats!

sam at sirnewtonbooks dot com

Cindy said...


No. Mermaid.

Wait. Witch. Witch, absolutely. Not only because Baba Yaga is old and powerful - because she has a perfect tiny house on chicken legs.

reach me (on chicken legs, if you must) cwexy(at)me(dot)com

Liana Brooks said...

Tough choice.

On one hand... mermaids get free reign of the sea, time with sharks, and a lifestyle well suited to marine research.

On the other hand... having witchy powers that allowed me to freeze people in place or wave my hand to clean the room would be a very practical choice.

Over all, I think Witch suits my lifestyle better. I can always find a spell to let me breath underwater when I have some free time.

liana [dot] brooks1 [at] gmail [dot] com

Carrie Monroe said...

Loved the other two books in this series. I think I would pick mermaid. The rusalka in in the second book were pretty scary. I'm pretty sure the rusalka could take on a witch.

Vivien said...

I'm going to go with Witch. From the lore I've been able to read, they really are at the top of the food chain. The ancient magic that they can possess just outshines anything else. They can draw on the natural elements, and ancient deceased ancestors' power. Win! I'd definitely choose a Witch, and I think they would win in a smack down.

alicia marie said...

I feel like i've gotta go with the witch winning. The mermaid may have her siren song, but she can't leave the water. The witch could be on land or in water and has powerful spells and spirits and things she can draw from to make her more powerful. I know if I was a mermaid, I wouldn't want to be up against Baba Yaga, I'm sure she would win!

ame1184 at gmail dot com

Jenne said...

I think the rusalka would win. She is malevolent and scary. She might also have a hidden force we have not yet seen till this book. They are also in history considered succubus' and those always have a tendency to play dirty and win.

I can be contacted via mooshujenne (at)

GCgirl363 said...

Hi. I'm a huge fan and I would
LOVE an ARC copy!!! This is really
hard decision! Mermaid would be
cool because you could lure people
into the water, but I feel like
there are too many restrictions,
and it would probably get boring after awhile.
So, I think I would choose Witch.
There is just so much I could do,
there would never be a dull moment!!!
You can contact me at I really hope I win,
because it will feel like forever
until it is released.

Kelly Ann said...

BABA YAGA!!! Witch all the way! That old biddy is such a trip with her schemes and those Huge magical hands! I mean come on! Who can forget the hands?! She could grab that mermaid in a second and use her as a punching bag. She is...Legen...wait for it...dary!! Can't wait to read the last book to visit with one of my new favorite literary characters, lady Yaga. ;)

Tayler Clements said...

I would pick the rusalka. They are like sirens and no one can resist their lure. The witch however can be defied, it'd be difficult yes, but not impossible. And if the witch and rusalka battled? The rusalka would have to win, they are just too determined to lose!! I mean really, they get what they want no matter the costs. Plus, if it was one against Baba? She could just call for her sisters to come help, who'll help Baba Yaga? So yeah. I'm for the evil-ish mermaids all the way. I can't wait to see what happens in Anastasia Forever....wait, will there be a witch/mermaid "smack down?" Because that'd be quite entertaining to read about :)

Dana said...

A witch would so win hello magical powers and legs! But if the mermaid had powers I'm not sure! Probably still Witches!

Jennifer said...

I would totally go with a witch because they can make up their own spells which means they are so much more powerful than mermaids! And if they battled, the witch would totally win because a witch could control the ocean with the right spell.

Reading mind said...

witch! I'd love to have some magical skills, plus I'm afraid of water, so I would make a terrible mermaid.

Jolene and Family said...

I would so love to win this, crossing fingers :)

I would love to be a mermaid. Ever since I was little girl and watched Little Mermaid, I wanted to be Ariel. They are beautiful creatures and would love to be able to swim in deep water and be one with my surroundings. Although I love Mermaids, I have to go with a Witch in who would win in a battle. Mermaids are powerful in the water, but the witch would win out of the water and would be able to use spells


Emily said...

Count me in. And I choose mermaid. It was easy for me cause I love to swim, love the ocean, love water. And, I think, mermaids can be a little badass if they want.

Plus, water kills witches (a la Wizard of Oz). So, you know.

chanteehale said...

As a big fan of Baba Yaga, I'm throwing my vote in for her. I've watched her work in the Anastasia Dreaming & Kate Daniels series and in various tomes from Neil Gaiman and I'm pretty sure she can smack down an emo mermaid any day.

chantee (at) chanteehale (dot) com

Destiny said...

Witch! They are so dark and powerful and can usually manipulate water. I can't wait for this release... Thank you for a giveaway!

Varsha Bajaj said...

The witch of course. Can't wait to read this one Joy.

Sylvia said...

I just saw this post now and I know I'm too late BUT I want to respond because the contest question made me giggle.

My favorite between the two is a rusalka. I have a soft spot for tortured souls that are left to deal with their grief for eternity. A soul can only take so much torment before it starts to corrupt the soul before it morphs into something "evil" I just LOVE mermaids, evil or not!

Unfortunately, when it comes to a witch/mermaid smack down, I believe Baba Yaga would win. My mermaid may be cunning and evil enough to lure someone to their death BUT Baba Yaga magically bind you in her house and if you escape, the house will catch up using its fast running chicken legs. lol just don't make her mad because you don't know when she will open the skies, rain hell on earth and chase you with her flying mortar.