Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book Expo and other Thursday Stuff

So the thing about Monday holidays is that suddenly it's Thursday and it still feels like Wednesday. And because I'm going to NYC for BEA next week this is making me panic in both small and huge ways. I love New York. But this is Book Expo of America. A really huge show with amazingly famous people at my elbows 24-7. A guppy in an ocean, that will be me. Half a guppy maybe. But nonetheless, I will be at

the Soho Press booth, 3949, on Wed. 6/6, signing arcs of THE SWEET DEAD LIFE from 10:30-11.
Also hanging out with editor Daniel Ehrenhaft and the Soho crew who have all been so nice to me that I wish I could buy them all ponies. And rainbows. And unicorns.

And then doing other things that I will report on once I have done them. Even a party or two thrown in for good measure, which (see above) makes me panic in both small and huge ways.

If you're there, say hi. Come to the signing. I'll even give you a bookmark for ANASTASIA FOREVER,  and you can zip over to the Sourcebooks booth 4112 and tell them that you are dying to read that too! Maybe get on the Net Galley list or something. Tell them how much you adore the series and how thrilled you are that August 7th is almost here!

Beyond that I'm writing away. Proposals and such and book ideas that I hope will become books.

And reading WHITE CAT by Holly Black, the first in the Curse Workers series. It's been out for awhile but I hadn't gotten to it yet but now that I have, I am blown freaking away by it. Holly Black is the queen of world building. She achieves it so seamlessly. You're reading along and realizing in this organic way that everyone in the society she's created is aware that there are curse workers among them. They've developed knowledge and protection and ways of identifying and it's this gritty organized crime sort of scenario that's simply in the world of the book. Later, various characters provide further history, again in mostly seamless, organic ways. But it works so well. Brilliant and fun urban fantasy noir mystery that I cannot get enough of.

What are you reading?
Let me know!

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Victoria Scott said...

Have fun in NY, girl! :)