Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Toughing it out Tuesday

  • Still revising the romantic comedy. 
  • Feeling like I'll be typing this next Tuesday as well.
  • The dog has fleas. I have done everything I'm supposed to do. The dog still has fleas.
  • This makes me itch.
  • The AC/Heater guy was just here doing something called, "Lifting and pinning the duct work" It seems to make the AC flow better upstairs. Then he told me that out in Montgomery where he lives, they have a tarantula issue. And that he was mowing the grass the other day and saw 15 tarantulas migrating across his yard. In a herd.
  • This makes me itch.
  • Some people are better than others at returning emails. Just saying.
  • I need to get better at letting. shit. go.
  • Maybe even though I didn't teach this year, I'm still having the May "Let me out of here" syndrome.
  • Back to revising. 
  • Cause I really really love this book.
  • And did I tell you that I'm going to be in an anthology? It's called Who Done It and it's coming out in February 2013 from Soho Press, proceeds benefitting 826nyc. And even though (see above) I am angsty and itchy about all of the above, I am thrilled at the classy author company that I get to keep in this book! My name is in the table of contents with a lot of really really fancy names of really really famous people. People I adore. Who let me play with them -- or at least play near them.  So yeah, maybe they're all on the jungle gym and I'm on the swing nearby, but still. In the same playground. Me!


Kristin Rae said...

OMG now you've got me itching! Tarantulas?! no no no. I'm so sorry about the fleas! What a pain.

Congrats on the anthology!! :)

Joy Preble said...

thanks! but yes -- tarantulas!! He was going on and on and on about them. eeeeeeek!