Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WHO DONE IT? Not me...

Who killed Herman Mildew?
That's what the cops want to know.That's what we all want to know.Especially 80 authors.
Who have all written alibis explaining how and why it couldn't have been us.

Edited by Jon Scieszka, WHO DONE IT is:

A star-studded anthology with a devilish hook, whose proceeds benefit 826nyc: the fabulous literacy non-profit founded by Dave Eggers.
Can you imagine the most cantankerous book editor alive? Part Voldemort, part Cruella de Vil (if she were a dude), and worse in appearance and odor than a gluttonous farm pig? A man who makes no secret of his love of cheese or his disdain of unworthy authors? That man is Herman Mildew.
The anthology opens with an invitation to a party, care of this insufferable monster, where more than 80 of the most talented, bestselling and recognizable names in YA and children’s fiction learn that they are suspects in his murder. All must provide alibis in brief first-person entries. The problem is that all of them are liars, all of them are fabulists, and all have something to hide...

Uh, yeah! I LOVE being part of this book. I LOVE that the profits go to 826nyc. I LOVE that Amazon has chosen WHO DONE IT as one of the best young adult books of February!!

No one but the fabulous Soho Press -- specifically, our publisher Bronwen Hruska, and my editor, Dan Ehrenhaft, and the brilliant Jon Scieszka could have had the creative audacity to make the 2nd book of the inaugural Soho Teen list a book like this!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to WHO DONE IT! Feel free to tweet about it using #whodoneit826
Go buy a copy or ten. They make a great gift for a great cause! In fact, here's a LINK

And if you are in the Houston area, I'll be reading and signing WHO DONE IT at Murder by the Book on Saturday 2/23 at 4:30. Feel free to come in a disguise. Wouldn't want anyone accusing of murder now, would you? Rumor has it that I may read as other people. And that there is really cool swag to be had... Did anyone say dark sunglasses and fedoras??  You can find out more HERE

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Kim said...

Joy - wish I could be there to celebrate with you. But, I'm putting it on the Kindle and taking it to Australia!!!!!!