Monday, June 24, 2013

In Which I Say How Much this Job Rocks

So yesterday was the Texas Teen Panel at my local B&N, with me, PJ Hoover and Mary Lindsey-- and  host of bloggers, authors, fans, friends and other assorted folks, plus two fabulous CRM organizers: Bryan Young and Natalie Collins. A village indeed and an awesome one! Pictures are still coming in, but here's a fun one of authors and CRMs:
me, PJ Hoover, Mary Lindsey, Bryan Young, Natalie Collins

And a few others:
Blogger/Author lunch, arranged by Maria Cari Soto

Reading the A Word test scene from SWEET DEAD LIFE

Always a lovely display and a even more pretty books downstairs

Me likey my book
So yeah. An afternoon with people who love books, reading from my new book. I'd say it was a pretty awesome day.

Lots more this week, so stay tuned.
Right now I'm heading into the revision cave for a new project.
See you soon.

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