Monday, June 18, 2007

guilty pleasure

All right. I admit it. I watched the end of "Celebrity Fit Club" last night. Had resisted the impulse all season. Honestly I don't even have a clue who most of the B or C list celebs are on that thing anyway. But there was one I did know - Maureen McCormick - aka, Marcia Brady. Yes, that Marcia. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Oh my nose Marcia. Oh I'm in love with Davy Jones, Marcia. So the temptation was too great. I just had to turn in.

Well, it turns out she still looks adorable. And she was the top winner - dropped from 150 to 116. So good for you, Mo McCormick!

Guess we all have our guilty pleasures. I certainly have my own share, although not typically Celeb Fit Club. My agent and I share a mutual affection for "The Hills." Yes, it's totally contrived. Shallow as can be. But how can you not wonder when Heidi is finally gonna get a clue and kick Spencer to the curb? Answer: possibly never.

For my college son, it's Entourage. He and his house mates simply can't miss it. Since we are too cheap in this house to pay for HBO, I may never know the attraction.

Embrace your guilty pleasure. It's okay. I certainly won't tell.

Til next time.


Anonymous said...

you must so bummed..I saw the other Buffy got busted for beating up the wife of the husband she stole.

Dustin Diamond is repulsive.

I watch any show with the word dance in it. Any show with a 3 judge panel.

Anonymous said...

Is there a reality show I don't tune into??? Yes, I'm a Celebrity Fit Clubber, too. Ross has been the best contestant on it since the show's conception. The true test of whether you are hooked is if you actually go to the Celebrity Fit Club website to see what Dr. Ian suggests for you. As far as reality shows go, I'm personally waiting for the next Beauty and the Geek to start and am anxiously awaiting the start of Big Brother Season 8 on July 5th.'s summertime!